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Prague Actors And Film Festival (P.A.F.F.F) is a new innovative film festival is ready to accept submissions for the second year. We accept submissions from filmmakers all over the world and offer awards to the best films documentaries, animations, actors, etc.The first Prague Actors and Filmmakers Film Festival will be happening on the 14-16  of June at central movie theater in Prague. The festival is expected to include independent film screenings from filmmakers around the world. "Prague Actors and Filmmakers" is committed to be the bonding bridge, space & hub of actors & directors & filmmakers independent & established. The Prague Actors And Filmmakers Film Festival mission is to establish and develop the artistic community and the growth of film industry in the city of Prague, Czech Republic. Join us in this exciting event and discover new talents in the film industry.

The film Festival is supported by the "Embassy of Greece in Prague", "UNESCO Club of Piraeus and Islands" and "International Action Art".

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